Sleeps 8,9 and 10 Senyati Safari Camp, Kasane, Botswana    
Senyati Safari Camp is about 10km's away from Kasane on the Nata road. Once you leave the main road, there is thick sand for about 2kms. This place is wild and fantastic! Some of the most friendly people I have met anywhere. Senyati Safari Camp
  The main road from Kasane to Senyati Safari Camp. Ellies everywhere.
  Bradfield's Hornbill
  Ellies crossing the Chobe River. Heaven on earth. We hired a small boat so we could go where we wanted to. There was a tiny baby with this herd that was crossing.
  There was a section of the Chobe river that was full of Skimmers! I  didn't know where to look first!
  Difficult to take a shot without an Ellie or 2.
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