Database Development - My Work   Photography - My Hobby
Hugh Mackintosh and Associates specialize in developing customized database solutions. Some examples of databases that have been developed are as follows: read more

Logistics databases - various different systems, that track the parcel, calculate charge/cost, track POD’s, generate invoices/payment slips etc. Some of these systems make the use of scanning of barcodes.

Financial databases – Medical aid, Pension Fund Administration, Investment tracking.

Workflow tracking systems – These systems track the entire workflow in a business. History is kept of all transactions noting who processed the transaction and on what date/time. These systems can also automatically produce output (Reports or PDF files) that are attached to an e-mail which is produced automatically at a specific step in the workflow. The system creates user specific to-do lists and can auto-escalate in-complete tasks. These type of systems can be tailored to be specific to any business.

Property tracking system – This system tracks the entire sales cycle of properties. All history is recorded from the canvassing of the property to the sale and ultimately the transfer. Medical waste disposal tracking system - uses cell phone based technology to transmit data remotely to the database.

Commission tracking systems – data is imported from suppliers and commission statements as well as other reports are created. Data conversion and comparisons – These systems can import data from most sources and do comprehensive analysis and produce reports. Please refer to the Projects section for more information about each database that has been developed.
  I have long been fascinated with photography. My interest started as I have always been a very keen bird watcher.

I have a passion for the small fast birds like swallows and swifts. The large raptors like the Martial Eagle also fascinate me.

Equipment used:

Canon 1D Mk3
Canon 300 L F2.8
Canon 24-105 F4
Canon 580 EX II Flash
Canon G12